Foot Control



  • Quick installation in most makes and models (2-3 day installation)
  • OEM equipment remains operable for able-bodied use
  • OEM air bags are retained
  • Computerized Servo controlled
  • 3 independent motors; Accelerator, Main Brake and 4-Wheel Emergency Brake utilizes ABS and stability control
  • Custom placement of pedals based on client's needs
  • Compact design
  • Backup power source
Safety Features
  • Safety design prevents accelerator and brake interaction
  • 4-Wheel Emergency Brake automatically activated if necessary
  • Auxiliary battery system automatically activated if necessary
  • Complies with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Owner's Manual

Rev 1.3
Foot Control System

Pictured Top to Bottom
Foot Controls
(Accelerator/Brake Pedal)
Actuator Control Module
Computer Control Module
Display Unit