Digital Shifter



  • Allows a person having limited hand/arm strength and range of motion to shift an automatic transmission.
  • Positive shifting with one press JOG (one gear position per press up or down) or PRNDL (direct gear position selection by individual shift
    position switches)
  • Switch console can be located for the driver's comfort and capabilities or through various mobility trigger control units
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Compact size
  • Industrial quality shift actuator
  • No recalibration needed after installation
  • All vehicle's gear positions accessible
  • Interfaces to most vehicles by dip switch selection
Safety Features
  • On board diagnostic, fault monitoring, driver alerted to any adverse conditions
  • Anti-shift from or into Park or Reverse requires brake depressed
  • Anti-shift from Park if ramp is out
  • Auto shift to neutral if loss of power, allowing quick vehicle restarting
Digital Shifter
Digital Shifter Keypad

ACE Digital Shifter Computer
ACE Digital Shifter Actuator (not shown)
Customer Interface switches (not shown, based on customer's needs)