One Button Operation

Pressing and holding the scan button, ACE AUTone will play 1 to 8 tones of an octave range. While a tone is being played and if the Scan Button is released, a secondary trigger will be momentarily activated. Tone one, terminal one, tone two, terminal two etc. If after being released, the scan button is pressed again immediately, that secondary trigger will be held as long as the scan button is pressed.

If the desired secondary is missed, continuing to hold the scan button will start the tones again. Releasing the scan button will activate the desired secondary on that corresponding tone or releasing at the end of the tones will end scan with no trigger.

1 to 8 Secondary Trigger Terminals

The number of terminals needed is programmable by the dealer. Each unit is customizable based on what the client's needs are. Increasing the number of ports can be done at a later date by a dealer with a simple program change.

Programmable Volume Settings and Scan Rates

Both are programmable by the dealer at time of installation. As the client's needs may change, the dealer can make the necessary changes in-house.

Any secondary control relay pack, similar to units from Crescent Industries that utilize a negative trigger can be used with the ACE AUTone Secondary Controller.

Any type of SCAN Button can be used, low effort puch button, jelly button or toggle switch. Scan is activated by switch to group connection. A five volt backlit source is provided with ACE AUTone button.

The ACE AUTone is a very useful controller for what is referred to as Option A: horn, lights, dimmer, turn signals, wipers and cruise control.

Audible Secondary Control


  • Self-contained
  • Small Size
  • 1 to 8 Secondary trigger ports (programmable by dealer)
  • Programmable volume level (0-10)
  • Three programmable scan rates (slow-6sec, default-4sec, fast-3sec)
  • Speaker
  • Scan button & backlit terminals
  • Power input terminal